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Add custom engraving to any MountainCut ski trail map product.Read more

MountainCut products are made to order. Therefore, most items ship in 2-3 days from purchase. Any orders with custom engraving may take 1 additional day.

Please be aware that large ski trail maps (sizes 30" or above) require extra time to complete and can take 5-8 days before they ship.

We are located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Transit times may vary. Items shipped via USPS Priority Mail are usually delivered in 2-4 days from ship date. For UPS Ground, use the map below to estimate when the package may arrive.


Add custom engraving to any MountainCut ski trail map product.


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Timeless art for your home

Timeless art for your home

Each piece is crafted using the highest-quality materials and techniques:

Material: birch and/or walnut plywood
Thickness: varies depending on the plywood used
Craftsmanship: precision laser cutting and etching, hand-stained/poly-ed in the United States

Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

Our wooden frames elegantly present the MountainCut Resort Trail Map of your choice. Crafted from layered wood, the ski map showcases resort trails with precision. Hand-traced and laser-cut, it's a perfect gift for skiers.

Size of artwork: 20 inches x 16 inches or 13 inches x 11 inches

MountainCut ski art comes with preinstalled hanging hardware, allowing quick display. Your new trail map will be showcased in minutes.

We Care, Dangit!

We Care, Dangit!

At MountainCut, we deeply care about the environment. That's why, with every purchase you make, we plant a tree. Plus, a part of your purchase goes towards reducing carbon emissions. By choosing MountainCut, you're not just getting awesome trail maps, you're also helping to make the world a greener, better place for everyone. Let's work together to protect our beautiful mountains and ensure a brighter future for all.

About The Artist

About The Artist

At the heart of MountainCut pulses the adventurous spirit of Gary Looft, an artist driven by an unyielding love for mountains. Gary's journey from trail maps to the iconic MountainCut Trail Map is a testament to his unwavering dedication and boundless creativity. With each meticulously crafted design, he beckons us to explore the exhilarating slopes and untamed beauty of North America's ski resorts.

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